Allan Gardens day today

I truly love taking the subway with the kids (not so much the streetcar).  I feel like I'm a fellow traveller - not just a back-of-head that talks at them or tries, hard, to listen to teensy voices from the backseat.
(Which would make a cool name for a blog, by the way, if nobody's claimed it yet:  Teensy Voices from the Backseat.  You have my permission to use it.  You're welcome.)
I invited our neighbour Judy to our seder, the first night, when my family comes.  She came last year, but I'd been holding out inviting her again for the very obvious reason that I am procrastinating on having anything to do with Pesach.
Last year, I felt so wealthy... I figured Hashem had given me so much - in that case, my terrific weird wonderful loving family - and I really ought to share it.  I guess I have mostly the same terrific family this year.  Just doesn't feel the same; you know?
After many years of working out the kinks doing a seder with my parents, I suppose we will have whole new kinks to work out. 
Anyway, I took the plunge and invited her.  I guess she will be part of the whole working-out-kinks.
Here's something I wrote, I guess a long time ago now:
In other news (and Outlook spontaneously chose for me to express this news a whole nother font) my brother Eli is officially a Missing Person.  If you see him, let me know.  He's schizophrenic, but generally pretty reliable in terms of returning at night to his room (he has a room in a roominghouse with other men).  Just one other thing for my mother's plate.
My sister Abigail is playing a house concert this Saturday night; it'll be a late night, but I'm kind of getting excited about being able to go, for a change!  I have never heard her sing... I mean, apart from here, things like Happy Birthday.
More later - they're sitting down to supper now.
Oh - supper!
Tonight (Wednesday):
~ Chili, and I was going to make cornbread, but no cornmeal, so there's Ace Bakery Bread instead.


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