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Sent out to my email contacts...

"Most of you know me well enough to know I don't do spam emails... ever.

But this is an official "Jewish Pride" contest of Toronto's Jewish School Board, and we're pretty proud to be Jewish.
I have entered a great picture of my father with Gavriel Zev last year at Chanukah time, and if enough people get this message and vote, it could save us a whole bunch on tuition.

So please vote - maybe a couple of times (you can vote once a day)?

And then, if you can, pass this email along to ONE person you think might like to see the picture and vote for us
also. Not your entire address book!! Just one person.

Thank you!!!
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I just entered the “We Have Proud Kids” online contest at and I really want to win! The grand prize is $10,000 towards tuition to a Jewish school of my choice! The second and third place prizes are an Apple MacBook Air laptop and an Apple iPhone. In order to win, I need YOU to
All you have to do is
click here to vote for me and vote for my entry.
You can vote once every day until the contest closes on February 27, 2009.
The more times you vote the more chances I have to win!
Thanks for your vote, I’ll keep you posted.
Wish me luck!
Jennifer - Entry # 0288
Click here to vote for me. "
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