So what's up with the mushrooms?

Forgot to mention in my previous post:
I included this lovely picture of a torn-open packet of mushrooms because we bought them today at Superstore after we dropped Ted off at work.
Gavriel Zev was asking to hold stuff as he usually does, and with mushrooms, the worst that usually happens is that he (they, really; Naomi does it too) pokes a hole or two in the wrapper - no problem, in fact, mushrooms could probably benefit from some ventilation.

Anyway, I handed him the mushroom pack and then turned around a few minutes later to see that he'd tossed the carrot I'd given him onto the floor and was now happily chowing down on the nice, fresh mushroom he'd pulled through the hole he made in the packet. And grinning ear to ear, of course.

Must be my kid if he loves mushrooms! I'm the only one in the family who doesn't like them... well, I do like the flavour, and because they contain glutamic acid (think monosodium glutamate), they bring out the flavour in other ingredients. So I cook with them and eat them... but have also been known to pick them out of dishes where they are not completely essential.

Mushroom crepes: essential.
Mushroom soup: well, I purée it, so they're not visible.
Mushrooms in tomato sauce: pick out. :-)))

My kids have been known to argue over the last grilled portobello mushroom at a family barbecue.


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