Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Ongoing Library Kvetch

The library website continues to get a bit better every few months, but it's still nowhere near as functional as the old system was before they took it offline.  You have to understand - this is a system I use every couple of days at least and because I use it a lot, little things like having to click multiple times back and forward start to get really, REALLY irritating.
So with that preamble, here's today's critique:
"[Comments/Compliments:] Website continues to improve - thanks! 
[Suggestions:] The first time you enter your library card number and PIN to reserve a book, you should be automatically logged in. 
As it is, when I realize I want to log in to reserve books, I must go to the login page, then back to the book I was interested in reserving in the first place.  Much quicker and smarter to have the system remember your login after you enter it at the reserve book page.
Also, when you log in from the login page, I think the system should display your account information right away, rather than requiring an extra click.
Finally, I'm happy to see a "quick search" box returned to the top of the screen.  However, the default search should probably just be Title, not "Keywords in" followed by "Words or Phrase".  I personally don't use keyword search as much as I just want to find specific books... I suspect this is true of most users.  I find the keywords in Title search particularly confusing as it usually dredges up unlikely matches that I'm not interested in reading.
Thank you again for the continued incremental improvements to the site!
Yours truly,"