Oh, no... ongoing ink cartridge issues...

The replacement cartridge is DOA - drat, drat, drat...
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Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 1:01 PM
Subject: More problems re order #3704

The replacement toner cartridge arrived today.  However, when I inserted it in the printer and tried to print a test page, the printer reports "Ink Cartridge Empty" - as seen in the attached screenshot.  The first test page I attempted to print came out faint and gray - the second is completely white except for the Windows logo at the top of the page.
On removing the cartridge again, I noticed that the shiny metal strip at the front of the cartridge, which is usually streaked with ink, is almost completely clean and dry, and I have no choice but to conclude that you have shipped me an empty cartridge.
Yet again, we are totally out of ink and I would like a replacement cartridge sent to the same address as soon as possible.  I was very pleased with your quick response to my concerns, however, if this is indicative of the quality of products we can expect to receive from your company (two problem cartridges in a row!), we will not likely be ordering from you again.
Thank you,"


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