Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Major Kvetch (tax assessment)...

Sent this off tonight to appeal our property tax assessment. The style is what I think of as "faux-naïf" where I try to come off as friendly and yet clueless as possible.
"Property is smaller than immediate neighbours yet house is assessed with higher value. House is relatively unimproved, unlike houses on either side, yet assessed with higher value. As seen in attached photo, house is identical to immediate-north neighbour, yet assessed $12,000 more. It is assessed only slightly less than [address], which has almost double the size of lot and many improvements to the house. In fact, the property right behind ours at [address], has exactly the same assessed value, yet the house is about three times the size, on a longer lot. I'd like some kind of reconciliation of these inconsistencies. Thanks for your consideration!"

Supper tonight, as planned, was:
~ Roasted wheat and broccoli au gratin (see previous post)
~ Cream of potato soup frozen from shiva (proudly reheated and retextured, because freezing totally demolishes potato soup, but this turned out lovely!)
~ Frozen p's and c's (sigh... the dull, dull sameness of it all)
~ Ace Bakery Baguettes

Must get back to taking pictures of the suppers.

I've invited another mother from the neighbourhood to come over tomorrow and make challahs (oy, that reminds me, I never had Ellie and her kids over yet and I think I promised them months ago!). So I'm tidying up, trying desperately to make this place presentable.

And then we have our playgroup tomorrow morning, and then I'll shlep home tired and exhausted with tired exhausted kids to try to make some semblance of challahs and lunch.

Our neighbour is in Mt Sinai hospital; probably quite serious, because Ted says his wife looked a bit teary. No clue what his Hebrew name is or his mother's name, so just daven or think happy get-well thoughts for Jack.

Yes, these are the same neighbours we have fought with countless times - or rather, not exactly fought because she has been as loony as a goonybird throughout most of our encounters. However... I do hope he pulls through whatever it is, and I don't wish any kind of suffering on them - God forbid.

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