Lib Kvetch o' Day Part Deux... and supper

"Further to my previous email, here's an error I just received which I have encountered before:
When reserving a book, if you forget to specify which branch you'd like to pick up at, the system returns a "#HOnot defined" error.
You should probably simply not allow the user to place the hold unless the form is entirely filled in.  This is simple enough to catch before processing.  Thanks!"
Just so this post isn't all about kvetching, SUPPERS!
Yesterday (Tuesday):
~ Roasted red pepper & black bean soup with a hint of chipotle (ie I pulled out the two chipotle halves before I puréed the soup so it would be warm but not spicy, if you know what I mean...), served with extra-rich sour cream (Ted bought it for an experiment - the stuff is so thick and gloppy - yum, but we'll probably never buy it again).
~ Yellow-pepper and red wine tomato sauce on home-boiled Fettuce.  At this point, I was starting to get tired and the mouth-painkillers were wearing off so I let Ted take over the boiling & plating and heating up the
~ Ace-Bakery bread.  I'll never get tired of it, but honestly quite hard to eat with only half a mouth that doesn't even open all that well yet.
Today (Wednesday):
~ Superstore Chicken
~ Oven-Fried rice (got to get going on that right about now)
~ Plain rice for Naomi, because I'm nice
~ Veg on the side
Pretty uninspired, but Ted's working late, Naomi has swimming, so there you go.
<3 J


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