Last Pesach at Riverdale...

Um, okay.

You have to understand: this is how he was.
Sometimes... he'd bike all over the city sometimes, but then sometimes, he'd just crash.
I think it was the heart condition, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

It just occurred to me this morning in the shower: the heart condition was a red herring.
If my father's life was a mystery, that would be the one that didn't get him, in the end.

The tongue-growth scare a few years back: another red herring.
The TIAs-slash-strokes, the memory loss, the minor neurological tics... all red herrings.
There were so many things I thought might do him in.

The real what-dunnit just grabbed him out of the blue.
If it was a novel, it would never get published: too corny. You can't have stuff happening out of the blue.
Deus ex machina.
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