Cranky complaints-lady airs her petunia concerns

Yes, I have escalated this petunias problem to the level of a kvetch and emailed the eBay seed supplier:

Hi! Purchased these petunia seeds a few months back and started them a couple of weeks ago. I started 35 peat pellets of "generic" mixed pastel petunias, from a couple of years ago, alongside 14 pellets of these white
petunias (1-2 per pellet). Almost three weeks later, the "generic" petunias
(very old seed!) have shown an over 80% germination rate, while yours have only about 9 seedlings (out of about 25 seeds?). Many of the generic petunias have also already grown a third leaf, while yours aren't showing nearly as much vigour.
Both sets of petunia seeds were planted under the exact same conditions, same tray, same heat mat, watering, etc. I can provide photographs (from 1 week ago and today) when I hear back from you.
I'd like a refund of the purchase price of these so I can start again with buying white petunias from seed - hopefully soon so I can grow them in time for the garden. :-) (haven't tested the other seeds I bought but the spoons work great)
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