Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Complaints Day Part III (Astro yogurt)

Here comes the cranky complaints-lady yet again!
And, yes, I have a list of complaint notes waiting to be written... why do you ask?  This one is 3 out of 4 that have been piling up for a while.
I really need to think of a catchy ending that basically implies:  "ANSWER ME!  NOW!"  This one is kind of lame; I know that already.
"As a kosher consumer, I have enjoyed Astro yogurt my entire life; I have long appreciated your company's wide range of kosher products. 
However, it appears that with the increasing use of gelatin, there are fewer and fewer kosher choices available each time we go to the grocery store.
I am usually looking for fruit-flavoured yogurt in the 650g size, and it seems that the BioBest Strawberry and Peach are now the only choices - and even those can be very hard to find.
Although some single-serve fruit-bottom yogurt continues to be kosher, I have been avoiding these both for environmental reasons (the containers add to the trash and are not reusable) and because the larger size is usually less expensive per serving (plus we can choose the serving size; very helpful for young children).
I'm obviously hoping you won't completely eliminate the fruit-flavoured kosher products, but ideally, your company would make more choices available without gelatin, which is avoided not only by Jewish families but also by Muslims and strict vegetarians.
With increasing awareness of gelatin in yogurt products (in Vegetarian Times and other health-oriented publications), it seems to me that there would be great benefit in marketing an entire line of "gelatin-free" products that could then continue to serve the kosher market as well.
Your response would be most appreciated."