Me (Crazy Letter Writing Lady) Against the World, Part 870,906... an ACTUAL letter!

December 4, 2008

TO: Stella Pharmaceutical Canada Inc.

To Whom it May Concern:

I've been a big fan of the Mocha Almond NutriBar for years, and recently noticed a change in the package design when I bought it at the Superstore location at Dufferin & Steeles. Reassured by the word "Original" on the packaging, I assumed it would be the same product. On tasting a bar from the new package, though, I realized that although the flavour was similar, there were many unpleasant “bits and pieces” in the bar.

I actually figured it was my imagination, or that I’d simply never noticed the "bits" before, until I checked the ingredients carefully against an older box and realized that you've reformulated the bars. They now include double the fibre, thanks to oat and flax, which might not be bad except that these distracting morsels of what I assume are flax seeds do not break down easily on chewing. To be honest, they become "slimy" and detract from the overall smooth texture of the bar.

I'm wondering if it is possible to still buy the actual original bars in another store, or if they have been discontinued altogether. I'm also concerned that your company is planning on making this change to its entire line of meal replacement bars (something I’d advise against).

I choose NutriBar meal replacement bars for a number of reasons: they’re kosher, not as overly sweet as other brands, offer a range of interesting flavours (my current favourite is Hazelnut Vanilla). I generally obtain fibre from natural sources, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. So, once again, I hope this is not part of a trend towards artificially upping the fibre content... at the expense of taste and texture.

Your comments would be appreciated. I’m also enclosing the proof of purchase in the hope that I can receive a credit towards another box of (flax-free) meal replacement bars.

Yours truly... etc
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