Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Before I forget - the week in SUPPER!

What a week in suppers!
  • Mommy-made spaghetti with meat sauce
  • Roast chicken on top of oven-fried oriental rice
  • Roasted wheat & celery au gratin (originally from Diet for a Small Planet - find a copy of it online here(the post it's on actually describes it as vile, even while giving the entire recipe... for the record, it's not vile - everybody here gobbled it up - but it can be a little bland if under-seasoned)
  • Creamed tuna
  • Chicken - again! - this time with honey, orange rosemary in the crock pot
  • Pressure-cooker beef soup / mix pea soup
  • Bulgar-oatmeal bread (yum, yum - recipe here)
  • P's & C's steamed on the side
Thursday (hey, that's tonight!)
  • Mushroom crepes
  • Broccoli cheddar soup
  • Some kind of veg on the side
Shabbos potluck supper @ the Silvers'... I'm making / bringing the same Oven-Fried Oriental-ish Rice that I made under chicken on Monday night, only not under chicken because it's a veg potluck.  I brought it last year and it went very quickly... mmm...
Shabbos Lunch
Sara's coming, and possibly Judy, and there's nothing fancy on the menu.
Blintz casserole from Sukkos, if I can find the recipe...
  • Challah
  • Potato salad
  • Teriyaki sesame green beans
  • Pareve Cholent
  • Assorted cheeses, maybe
  • White-chocolate-chip cookies, because nobody liked the butterscotch-chip ones last week -  it's an acquired taste, I suppose...
So why exactly have we been eating so well?  Well, now that I'm in the home stretch of my pre-surgery weight loss phase, I don't want to take the chance that I'll show up on Monday afternoon weighing even a pound too much (even though I'm sure they'll allow for a certain normal fluctuation above their goal weight).  So I've been on an "emergency" no-eating plan this week.  One NutriBar for "breakfast" - I usually put it off until about noon or so... and then I let myself eat whatever I normally would for supper, plus a reasonable snack before bed.
So naturally, I'm looking forward to suppers more than usual - I admit, usually I eat the starchy junky stuff the kids do, and sometimes use the afternoon nap time of day to have a (usually non-nutritious) snack... and if I've had a snack at 3 or 4, well, it's hard to either be excited about cooking supper OR be truly hungry when suppertime rolls around between 5 and 6.  :-(
The downside of even this modest weight loss is that my favourite jeans skirt has been sagging down below my waist just a bit today... just enough to reveal my midsection where my shirt had gotten pulled up.  Not too flattering, I suspect.  Also - I know this is exciting, so you'd maybe better sit down - my hipbones have reappeared.  I had forgotten what they looked like... now they kind of smile at me when I look in the mirror.  Creepy, but they do look a bit like smiles.
My mother just called - after barely three days home, they're on their way back down to E.R. to get my father looked at... drat, drat, drat.
I'm still supposed to sit down with him and the monthly budget I'm putting together so we can see where the money is going.
Even without taking into consideration the occasional $20 eBay impulse purchase (ok, I admit it!), we're $300 in the hole every single month... even with the grocery money from my parents... even with the CPP... even with everything.  There is no more money.  No wonder the bills aren't getting paid.  Waah!  Where's it supposed to come from?  What do other people do in this situation?
My father wants me to sit down again with the tuition subsidy people at both schools and tell them we can't possibly pay what we're giving them.  That's what the budget is for, in part.  I agree with him, but I'm so chicken to face them down.  I just figure bouncing cheques to the schools, or to him, makes ME the kind of lowlife I have seen him dealing with my whole life, people who make ridiculous money-promises they can't possibly keep due to some core moral failing.
I don't think my father has ever bounced a cheque in his life.
Hey, can I blame my parents?
<3 J