There goes the Marmers' Farket

I was hoping to get down to Dufferin Grove today, but only one of these forecasts is correct... and it's the one that says it's gonna thunder. Waah!

OK, week in review - I cannot believe it's almost over already.

Sunday - fish supper @ parents' house.

Monday - civic holiday observed, but everything was open anyway. Went to Fortino's with Naomi & Gavriel Zev... but I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I made. Will have to check with Ted. OH... Lasagna. Delicious, non-oven-ready lasagna. With garden-herb sauce and ricotta. Yum, yum.

Tuesday - stir fry! Yummy, yummy. Tons of veg & tofu, rice stick noodle (kosher from Sobey's!), homemade sauce. Oh, and we didn't have any fake crab OR creamed corn so I made my own creamed corn and stirred it into veggie / corn / pollock / mushroom / egg-drop asian-inspired soup. Mmmm... deelicious. Shopped at Dominion while Naomi was in her gymnastics class; because of the weird time difference between the Barbara Frum rec. centre and the rest of the world, I left Dominion at 11:19, stopped at Second Cup, and got to Barbara Frum at 11:20, in time for a nice, leisurely peruse of Now magazine.

Wednesday - Ted-made quiche - broccoli. Went to the Island with my father and I originally meant to stay only for the morning but stayed until 4. Talked Sara into coming but then we got there late - NOT my fault for a change - and she only got to go on 2 rides. :-( It was nice to have quiche waiting for us when we got home.

Tonight - hmm... Ted wants to have perogies. I have mixed feelings. They are not very filling; YM alone can eat a couple dozen of them. And I don't have the energy or inspiration to make anything else. That's why I was hoping to get to the farmers' market. Aargh.

Not that I have the energy anyway.
Bellybutton has been hurting like crazy all week. I'm wondering if the crunches etc in my aerobics class might be injuring my ab muscles even more than they already are... :-(

<3 J
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