Supper Preparation Part 2: The Rice

Well, here you can see the peach from Part 1. And also some fresh rainbow chard from the garden.

Chop up the chard and fry it in a pot a bit with some garlic until the chard submits and goes weak at the stalks......

oh, but before you do, spray yourself in the face with the garlic press. Just go ahead. You'll figure out FAST why this stuff is used against insects in the garden. Ouch! I thought it was just painful in my eyes, but even on unbroken skin - yikes, it stung.

Anyway, once the veggies are nice and limp and the pain has passed, stir in 1 cup of rice and mush it around in the pot until brown. Then, add a couple of cups of water and some chicken soup powder. I'm Jewish - everything must taste like chicken soup!

Bring to a boil, turn it down, cook until done (about 15 minutes). Turn off and let steam quietly for five minutes before serving.


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