a mess

I'm a mess... and so is my strawberry patch.

Visit to the belly-button clinic (aka Shouldice Hospital) in the morning lasted ALL morning and I'm still not done - I have to go back and meet with the surgeon. And possibly lose 5 pounds before they'll consider me. Luckily, very luckily, this has been my first pain-free week in MONTHS. I don't know... maybe those aerobics classes are helping? Though I was worried they'd just strain things more. Maybe I can go back tomorrow morning. Ted works late and my mother sort of said she'd stay with the kids in case it takes longer than I planned.

But the falling-apart became more evident in the afternoon with a visit to Dr. Jeff, our friendly neighbourhood dentist. Yes, it's been 3 years since my last cleaning visit. I did expect to be chastised, although I saw him more recently - I went while I was pregnant with Gavriel Zev, he did some work, but then said not to come back until after I'd delivered. Which I didn't quite get around to doing until now... okay, yes, he's 11 months old. The baby, not the dentist. So?

Anyhow. There was NO good news. He thinks maybe I can keep some of my teeth. Just a couple of root canals, a few fillings and gum surgery and then I'll probably be fine, just fine.

The teeth that need to come out are the left wisdom teeth. I was horrified to find out that one of them is LOOSE. I mean, how falling-apart do things have to be to have your teeth actually coming LOOSE at age... ahem... 38???

Plus, my teeth are super-sensitive because apparently I have very little gum tissue left; it's all receded.

The good news is that he was astonished at how good my "home care" is - there was almost zero plaque, even after 3 years with no professional cleanings. The flipside of that is that maybe I'm doing too good a job. With receded gums being so rare at my age, I think he suspects that it may be caused by excessive brushing.

Sheesh. I can't even brag that I'm keeping my teeth nice and CLEAN. They may be clean, but it's because I'm shaving away at my gums twice a day.

As a consolation prize, he sent me away with a nice soft rubbery tipped toothbrush. And some special Fluoridex uber-toothpaste. Regular toothpaste is something like .76% fluoride. This one is 1.1%, which is like the legal maximum or something. And another one called MI Paste. I think MI stands for Mission Impossible - as in "it is impossible that this lady will keep her teeth beyond age forty."

I blame my father; he had gum troubles early on, too. He says he has always been conscientious about brushing, but came to flossing and gum care late in life; too late to avoid painful surgeries etc. Yikes... is that what's in store for me?

Teeth extraction, gum surgery, belly button surgery... my mother said I should just get it all done at once while I'm being anaesthetized anyway.

I am actually happy and excited about the belly button surgery. Not at all scared, even though they only use a local. But I am about 8 pounds over their weight limit for my height so I'll see what the surgeon says - hopefully tomorrow. Gaaaah.

Don't even want to think about that messy strawberry patch right now. I'm just letting the weeds, astrantia and yarrow get clobbered by the giant evening primrose.

Should I make supper? Or continue work on Ted's Top Secret Birthday project? We shall see!


Salmon - some kind of salmon
Scalloped potatoes
Corn on the cob

Only the salmon is legit according to the the Shouldice Surgery Reducing Diet #4 (1000 calories). Blah. :-(

<3 J
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