Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eco-Me Home Products Scam... oy

Found this site thanks to You Grow Girl, a local gardening & life blog I read very regularly.
My first reaction, posted at You Grow Girl:

"OK, part of me says this is a cool way to promote eco-friendly cleaning. Another part says, "wait a second… they're selling a 'refillable/ reusable/ recyclable' jar and a tiny vial of lemongrass-scented oil for $6.50?!?!" (you provide your own baking soda)

Hmm… I ought to start selling my amazing baking soda / apple cider vinegar "no-'poo" hair wash/rinse … or rather, the two dollar-store bottles I mix it up in!!! :-)))

I know you said it's aimed at those who are too "intimidated" to DIY their own eco-products, but this is maybe just a bit silly?" 

But I started thinking and you know what...?
Having perused the site in greater depth now and discovered that EVERY SINGLE "recipe" is either baking soda or vinegar or both (including their baby wipe spray which seems to be mostly vinegar - yuck), I believe this concept is a total scam.

Either that or a joke - like someone saying, "how can we get away with selling 2 for $1 plastic jars for $6.50 a pop?" Gack.


Shepherd's Pie!  Yum!  Nothing else - just the pie!