Eco-Me Home Products Scam... oy

Found this site thanks to You Grow Girl, a local gardening & life blog I read very regularly.
My first reaction, posted at You Grow Girl:

"OK, part of me says this is a cool way to promote eco-friendly cleaning. Another part says, "wait a second… they're selling a 'refillable/ reusable/ recyclable' jar and a tiny vial of lemongrass-scented oil for $6.50?!?!" (you provide your own baking soda)

Hmm… I ought to start selling my amazing baking soda / apple cider vinegar "no-'poo" hair wash/rinse … or rather, the two dollar-store bottles I mix it up in!!! :-)))

I know you said it's aimed at those who are too "intimidated" to DIY their own eco-products, but this is maybe just a bit silly?" 

But I started thinking and you know what...?
Having perused the site in greater depth now and discovered that EVERY SINGLE "recipe" is either baking soda or vinegar or both (including their baby wipe spray which seems to be mostly vinegar - yuck), I believe this concept is a total scam.

Either that or a joke - like someone saying, "how can we get away with selling 2 for $1 plastic jars for $6.50 a pop?" Gack.


Shepherd's Pie!  Yum!  Nothing else - just the pie!


  1. Hi There

    Thanks for your thoughts on Eco-Me products. You are correct that the eco-tool kits contain empty containers with recipes, along with pure plant essential oils (3 to 6 plants per blend, no carrier oil, and non-synthetic oils-top of the line here) along with other goodies.

    I am glad to see that you are inspired to make your own products, this is awesome and what Eco-Me encourages. That's why the eco-tool kit was created to encourage safe products you can make yourself.

    Sad that you see this as a scam, since we are educating and empowering people. When you buy essential oil alone in stores that are pure plant with no carrier oils such as jojoba or other they can cost between $5 and $10. Our oils are high quality and concentrated and you use a small amount per container mix.

    Many people spend up to $30 on a book with natural recipes, so for Eco-Me we are putting our recipes right on the containers.

    Now it's easy and fun to make natural products.

    Good idea to include other ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar (natural antibacterial that is not drying or harmful) and other items. I will pass this information along.

    Thanks for the great dialogue and spending time reviewing Eco-Me. We are happy to be involved with passionate minds that are interested in natural products.

    Best Regards

  2. Hello

    Did you get our reply to your blog? Do you not allow for comments to be posted? No feedback from your readers?
    I would think you would want to engage in "conversations."
    We hope you agree.

  3. Comments are definitely welcome! But because of spam, I moderate comments first before they're posted. :-)

  4. p.s. Between the library and the dollar store, you could probably put together your own "eco" recipes for just a couple of bucks... plus, to be fair, the cost of essential oils, which are a bit higher.

    However, given that some babies and many pets have real problems with essential oils, that nice fragrance isn't exactly essential to the product at hand and may actually make it dangerous in some circumstances. :-(


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