Bloody - ack!

Well, please ignore the fifteen-thousand videos of my very cute baby that appear below. I was trying and trying and trying to post and it looked like it worked every bloody single time. Despite any form of confirmation to me that it was working. And despite me checking every few minutes to see if it had posted the video here. Gack.

Speaking of "bloody"... I have been trying NOT to say "bloody hell" around the kids, but Naomi picked it up and a few weeks ago asked me, "what's 'bloody hoo'?"

Anyway, I upped my committment NOT to say it at all, but I guess that revamped committment slipped a couple of times because NOW she has taken to saying "bloody Hoch." Because, of course, that's the rabbi's name. Yikes. In the name of all things that are holy, I really MUST stop saying "bloody" anything now that I know she's listening so intently.

I still hear her bumping around in her bed! Argh. Hope she doesn't get up. Ted should be home from work soon, thankfully.

<3 J
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