Beautiful! Homegrown poppy seeds for challah!

Aren't these lovely? I think they look like cupcake sprinkles.!
(I know there's a period there, but if I erase it, stupid Blogger interface will erase one of my pictures as well)
Anyway, these are the seeds from the amazing peony poppies from about a month ago... these are annual poppies, so I pulled them out when they were done blooming, and two days ago, Naomi & I sat on the porch and shook out the seeds. I was amazed at the range of colours.
We shook the seeds into a clean yogurt tub, which then sat on the table waiting for Friday... but wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find them on Friday, so I asked Ted and it turned out he thought the tub had been used to hold a bagel and dumped out all the seeds! So I had to shake out the last few poppy heads, and this is all I got. I used ALL the seeds for the Shabbos challahs. So I'll need to get new seeds to grow poppies from next year.

The seeds tasted yummy, btw... almost exactly like the store ones. And the range of colours was much less visible once they'd browned in the oven. So I had to point out to everybody that they were homegrown, and I'm sure everybody just thought I was a tedious eccentric. :-)
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