Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Today, I am rich.

I dried the laundry on the line outside just because I could. Did some in the dryer, some on the line ... perfect!

Oh, and we bought a car.

Well. My father bought a car - for us.

This is it. Picture us, sitting in these seats, bickering all the way to Black Creek Pioneer Village and back (I got a free pass from the library today). I am just amazed that a CAR has seven seats. Sure, at that size, it holds seven people plus a BOX OF TOOTHPICKS.

But it's a car. What they used to call a station wagon, before they made the stickly rule that every single person needs a seatbelt.

I feel so lazy; I'm blogging and Ted's downstairs cleaning out the mouse potato room.

My next post may explain why I get to be so self-indulgent.
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