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Name this Flower

No, not THIS flower, silly...! That's the TTC logo!
This flower. Name it and win a faaaaaaabulous prize! :-)))


Scalloped corn casserole - I made it in two pie crusts so it's basically a cheeseless quiche. Quite proud of myself because I made it with the baby awake, after washing dishes, before going out and hiking across the world to Naomi's swimming.

Ted suggested soup when I came home exhausted and heatstroked from the UV and smog-high conditions, so I bit his head off. So he tossed some lame salad from before Shabbos onto the plate. Yucko.

But we DO have frozen Ace Bakery bread now. Ted went to Costco for work - yay! I love the Dempster's that we usually get, but the Ace is just light years beyond it in quality... crusty, yeasty, perfect!

Shvitzing now, but we can't open the door because of all the bugs. Yuck.

And Ted is still de-mousing the potato room. Yuck. They have been eating everything: rice, potatoes. Interestingly, they only go after the real food - stuff like cookies, they tend to leave alone. There's probably a lesson in that for us. No clue what that might be, though.

<3 J
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