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IF you ran the Shoe Museum... or the Library...

And you wanted to bring people in to what is ordinarily a pretty dull display of SHOES. And you were doing this by offering exciting rambunctious-type stuff on Saturdays (ok, I have been to the Shoe Museum, so I realize this is kinda pushing it...). And you were thinking of calling it something fun and almost-alliterative... well, would you pass up an opportunity to call it "Saturday SHOE-nanigans"?

I sure wouldn't.

Surely somebody in that meeting could have stood up and raised their hand and said "wait a second!" Why call it Saturday Shenanigans when the word sounds so very, VERY much like "SHOE"-nanigans?

Anyway, I hope these free advertising links I just provided can help them somehow, because certainly the SHOEnanigans won't. Certainly, the opportunity to try on CLOWN SHOES isn't worth paying $12 (adult) and $4 (kids) for... that's $32 just for our six-person family, and the two littlest would be free. Just to try on clown shoes. Although Terry Fox's shoe was kind of cool.

There. I said it. Lame museum. Okay?
I went along, I smiled even as my eyes blurred at the rows and rows and rows of SHOES.
I suspect some people like shoes more than I do. And certainly, there must be fetishists out there who'd gladly pay $12 maybe even every day!
But, to me, the only way I would go back - the first time I went was free - is if they were paying me.

Speaking of going places free, the Toronto Public Library's Museum Access Program (MAP - and okay, finding the link reminded me it's called Museum Arts Pass, so sue me), which has been allowing us to do all kinds of cool cultural things over the last few months, is now going to be releasing passes on SATURDAYS, not Mondays. Oy.
So here's my only-slightly-exaggerated complaint letter about that.

*** Re: Museum Arts Pass

We have been picking these up from time to time at Maria Shchuka branch on Monday mornings when they open at 9 a.m. However, I was just told that they will only be available on Saturdays (unless there are any left over, which is usually not likely).

This creates a problem for us because we're Jewish and can't get to the branch to borrow the passes on Saturday.

We are very regular visitors to MAS branch and know most of the librarians quite well. Is there some way we can call or visit in person on Friday afternoon and discreetly request that one pass be set aside, which we can then pick up first thing Monday morning, as usual?

The librarians told me today that Barbara Frum will have the passes on Mondays as usual. However, since my husband takes our only car to work, that could mean over two hours' travel time by TTC - for me and two small children - just to pick up a pass on Monday afternoon. (Maria Shchuka is only about twenty minutes' walk)

I'd appreciate your help in finding some other way we can continue to enjoy these passes from time to time. Feel free to email or phone - thanks!
Oh, yeah... the car we are getting is apparently red. No go on the blue one, I guess. She said they found on in Manitoba. Now that is truly helpful...
I hope Elisheva is very, very happily surprised! And she'll be even more so - maybe not in the HAPPY sense - if we can get my mother & Sara to tag along... :-)))

<3 J


Superstore chicken ((((flooded with shame - 2 weeks in a row)))))
With... Israeli couscous side dish from a packet, and creamed corn (YM's pick).
Sunday is visiting day!


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