I should really put a stop...

... to ending all my subject lines with that annoying ELLIPSIS.

No, seriously, I have been thinking about the ecological ramifications of my non-stop all-summer-long drinking straw use.
It's only one straw at a time, but BOY do I use a lot of them.

This is just about the only disposable product I use on a regular basis except toilet paper.

Ooh - let's Google it!

Here's an Eco-Straw that promises "total disintegration will take place within two years", plus, it comes in bendy/clear and bendy/green, along with the more funerary straight/black.

Uh-oh. One site promises that though "straws may look tiny," they could pose a "huge environmental threat." The hysterical hyperbole continues: "A rough estimation of two to three straws are used by a person per week. [NOTE: I am well above this in the hot months, but perhaps counter it by allowing the kids to only use straws on Shabbos] How many straws are used in North America per week? And how many landfill spaces are still available?"

(umm... okay, as concerned as I am, I think we are still good for "landfill spaces" for drinking straws...)

Unfortunately, the site, TT Co, makers of the "Enviro-Straw" appears to have its website down at the moment. Perhaps they were overrun by drinking straws.

Oh, yay, BAMBOO straws! This company promises their Genuine Bamboo Drinking Straws will help with whatever beverage I choose to "wet my whistle." Once again, there is the threat that if I don't switch to bamboo, "seabirds young and old [may be] found dead with a bellyfull of plastic cigarette lighters, toothbrushes, STRAWS, and all sorts of other junk." Not worth it for a quickie frappu, is it??? Of course, the bamboo alternative costs about $0.65 per straw.

And believe it or not, I am concerned about the ecological ramifications of overculturing bamboo, as well. If it's not made of corn, these days, it is definitely made of bamboo. Hey, I wonder if somebody makes a corn-based straw???

Why is Naomi refusing to eat, by the way? One theory I came up with is that it's her reaction to the incredible oversupply of food in our culture. Seeing it all in the supermarket, potato room and everywhere else she goes... what kid wouldn't be overwhelmed and just want a piece of celery or an apple? Guess I shouldn't complain, right?! :-)

And meanwhile, YES! Here we are! A completely bio-degradable (in 45-60 days) corn-based drinking straw!!!
"Made from corn, an annually renewable resource, NatureWorks PLA is a plastic-like resin that is fully compostable." OKAY! And yes, I'm actually starting to wonder if there will be any corn left for me to actually eat this year. Or anything else for me to eat next year, if every single farm is growing corn, corn, CORN to feed the trend towards bio-products.

Just curious... and meanwhile, I have a brand-new package of cheapo, JUMBO non-corn-based plastic (not plastic-like resin, not compostable) straws just waiting for the next time my delicate teeth need to sip an ultra-cold bevvie in the hot, stinky summer's day!

Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the "Cranky Old Bat" report. Aaaaack! Does that spell COB??!? As in CORN?!?
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