gARDEN lOW, lOW, low!

OK, well, I didn't mean to hit SEND, but there it went and I'm not fixing the post now. And now I'm sitting with the chair all turned around and hot from the oven and it had been a perfectly nice day until I went out this afternoon to see the Tomatoes and they are ALL black. Well, not the cherry tomatoes, and not the ones in the SFG bed, because they're not fruiting yet. But all the container tomatoes I was SO so proud of are rotting at the blossom ends. Guck. Yuck. Ack.

Time to start adding milk, eggshells, whatever I can think of. And watering consistently, which I thought I had been doing. Maybe that awful rain last week did it. They are in fairly large containers, too, but maybe not the garbage-pail size Gayla Trail recommends.

Anyway, here's an article on Blossom End Rot. Maybe too late to help me, but there it is.

I'm going to force myself to come up with a Garden High for today, despite the low... and it is...

Garden High:
Oh, yeah. Rocks! I finished outlining the front bed with rocks, and I think it looks SOooo nice. Will take pics in the morning.


Last night - I boycotted making suppers because the Boy was too awful. Ted fed the kids & ordered Bistro Grande for me. True to Elisheva Chaya's prediction, Umami is gone, gone GONE. As of April. Dumb.

Tonight - grilled cheese & slushies in the Casa Loma gardens. Ted was working late, we never got our Tammuz slushies, and so we had a nice easy peaceful dinner in a non-blossom-end-rotting garden, just me & the kids.

<3 J
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