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Date of Event (mm/dd/yyyy) 07/07/2008
Time of Event 5 p.m.
Route Name and/or Number 97
Vehicle direction of travel South
Token Vending Machine Number
Location of Occurrence (e.g. Intersection or Subway Station) North York Centre

Comments: (this is where I get to kvetch)
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The wait for this bus today took about an hour. The only reason I took the Yonge bus and not the subway is because I was travelling with a stroller and both North York Centre and Eglinton stations are inaccessible. The delay - and the inaccessibility - is completely unacceptable considering these are such important and central locations. Our round-trip travel time was over 3 hours for a 1/2 hour swimming lesson - no wonder I arrived home exhausted with two children in tears. Next time, I will have no choice but to drive - for $2.50 in parking, it's cheaper than the TTC, too (two adult fares, two child fares). How awful that it's impossible to travel around town in an environmentally-friendly and family-friendly way.

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Station we didn't see the inside of because it's inaccessible: North York Centre
Place of 1/2 hour swim lesson that we caught the last 15 minutes of: Douglas Snow Aquatic Centre
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