Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Drat! Forgot to take a picture...

But anyway, it was not that memorable:  Superstore chicken, roast tatoes, carroty mushrooms in winey sauce.
Hoeing beds tonight in the children's garden... unfortunately, it was real WORK, not enough useful adults to help out, so it wasn't much about the kids this time around.  Nice cool evening, though, and v v cathartic work.  YM really threw himself into it, perhaps to make up for his general Gameboy badness this week.
(he just bought it on sunday and last night at bedtime claimed he had no idea where it was... yeah, right... it had been charging all evening, then vanished at bedtime???)
Anyway, in the morning - surprise! - it was miraculously "found" in his dresser drawer.  I told Ted I'd deal with it, and when I came out, asked him to hand it over, thinking I'd take it away for Wednesday, give it back on Thursday.  He did it pretty agreeably; I was surprised.  But then, ha ha ha, talking to Ted later it turned out Ted had already confiscated it before he left for work - and then YM took it back.  So complicated.
Oh - and then EC was totally rude yesterday, so I told her she couldn't go for lunch with her friends today (they got out of school early both days).  She said okay, but then the phone call I'd been expecting:  "I'm at school, I forgot my lunch, happen to have some money and I'm starving and faint from my exam... can I go with them for lunch?"  I was mean and said no.
Oy - big kids and their problems.
SO... the garden!  Kelp-sprayed everywhere and it seems to have had an effect already.  Today's Garden High is definitely still the irises (hopefully pics tomorrow).  Garden Low is the scrawny yellow nitrogen-deficient square-foot beds... but that may turn around with another kelp-spray before the rain comes tomorrow afternoon or evening.
Laundry hanging up has not dried all day... it's been cloudy, around 18 degrees and dank... but luckily I don't have to bring it in tonight if the rain holds off.
Such a tremendous conflict of interest; I have no idea how anybody survives as both a gardener AND a laundry-line-dryer.  Sun, no sun?  Whose side am I on...???
<3 J