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Naomi Rivka Teaches Sign Language

Tried to embed this video directly into this blog post but YouTube wasn't cooperating.  Anyway, here it is!
So I was listening to a radio pediatrician the other day and he basically said signing with babies was useless.  I dunno.  Well, what he said was to think carefully about WHY you're doing it, which has always been the advice I'd have said if anyone asked.  I never believed it could make a baby more intelligent, but I do believe it potentially gives them another route to communicate during the frustrating second year of life when spoken language STILL doesn't come easily.  Anyway, it's so cute watching Naomi dredging signs up from the depth of her memory.  Today she was waving two fingers around basically at random.  She said it meant "APPLESAUCE", but to me it looked more like "UNCLE", so I told her she was saying "UNCLESAUCE".  She got a big kick out of that one...
<3 J