Just another typical Sunday!

Well, not quite. The theme today is "big kids"...

Here's Gavriel Zev eating almost his first solid foods (Materna, Daysat Orez; fancy Israeli rice cereal).

Here's Yerachmiel Meir taking Naomi Rivka out to build a fort in the backyard!
(Naomi's "big kid" accomplishment is that her socks got wet and she didn't want to go outside but once forced - ie she was "brave" - she had a terrific time!)

Here's Gavriel Zev in his shiny new Exersaucer!

...And here's me, SuperMama, juggling them all!!!

My major accomplishment today was NOT KILLING BOY-BOY for downloading yet another virus. The good news is that I have some fantastic virus-hunting tools now, so the process is easier & quicker than ever. The bad news is that I have felt like strangling him at many points in the last 12 hours. When I turn on the computer after Shabbos, I just want to use the computer, not deal with popups and emergency scans until midnight. :-(((

The pics of Elisheva didn't post here, so I'll do those separately in the next post!

<3 J
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