Girl-girl & her new room (colour)

She looks so very much like my family sometimes, where YM is most clearly an offshoot of the Other Side... but at certain times, at certain angles, with certain expressions, Elisheva also looks (to me) very much her father's girl.

This is the new purple of her room. She's been hankering for an update, and rearranged her furniture about four times in preparation. Ted had the day off today so they painted the walls - the trim hasn't yet been redone but it's currently off-white; it'll be a cleaner white, more like the white dresser in the background, when it's done. Her room looks spacious and definitely feminine. She is the perfect mix of both her grandmothers - in terms of inheriting decorating style - and none of me in that regard.

More solid foods for Gavriel Zev: Rice cakes & rice cereal continue to be enjoyed. We seem to have gotten past the frustration hump where he got angry every time I took the spoon away. But his eyes get SO big and excited when that spoon comes close... and the feet start a-kicking... in a year, in a few months, even this will all seem so everyday. But FOOD! What a big step! I am already fantasizing about what else I can feed him - it's like a new toy!

As for the rest of the family... no pictures of our non-memorable supper tonight. Not a Supper Failure, but definitely a busy day for the whole family. Last dance class with Naomi; next session, she's old enough to do a 3-5 year-old program on her own while I browse the library with Gavriel Zev. Wow.


Pizza - YM ordered it
Tatoes - sweet & reg - Ted peeled, cut and seasoned them
Salad - pizza shop provided it

... and that's all, folks!

Last night (Sunday) was Montreal Bagel Supper! Sara came back from Montreal with a whole stash o bagels in tow. Yummy, yummy! I had two, and could have had more but, well, two really ought to be enough.

Rosh chodesh of the REAL Adar this Friday. I've promised slushies to the kids - we kind of miss doing it for the winter roshei chodashim, but nobody really really feels like hauling out in the miserable cold for frozen Coke. Or at least I don't. And then, two weeks until Purim - no costumes yet - aaaaagh!

The secret reason I'm blogging is because my memory is so lousy. For years, Jeremy kept all my memories; I lost them in the divorce. There are so many things I literally can't remember from when we were together. He'd always remind me of something, or I'd ask him about something because I had no memory of it. My email vanishing yesterday - YM-imported virus, then cleanup messed everything up; I don't want to talk about it - has reminded me that I won't always be able to do a quick search for every thought and correspondence I've ever had.

I have no idea how the ancient Greeks - okay, the ancient everybody used to do it with no books, paper, computers... yet being able to call up at their fingertips every piece of knowledge that humans had ever come up with. Even a hundred years ago, memorizing poems and stuff. I know I could do it if I had to... but how has it gotten so acceptable to have such lazy, out-of-shape brains? Or is there simply more knowledge to know?

So anyway - what was I saying? Oh, yeah. So this blog is - perhaps - a small bit of memory in cyberspace for when my real memory isn't working. And maybe for when the people who are keeping my memories aren't around to ask.
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