ALMOST forgot to mention!

Forgot to mention why I'm feeling a bit, um, lighter today... I cut my hair! Isn't it gorgeous (sorry, this is all the snapshot I'm wanton enough to post)? Elisheva calls it "triangular," which is funny because that was Jeremy's complaint about my first sheitel. It is a bit geometric, but WOW is it nice a) to be able to shake my head and have my hair boppling around light as, well, hair... and b) be able to run fingers through it without getting stuck on the icky dreadlocks. There were three of them all sticking out from what black women apparently refer to - wisely, of course - as the "kitchen", the woolly area at the nape of the neck. I can't believe what a relief it is to not have them tugging relentlessly when my hair is up in a ponytail, which is, of course, most of the time. I feel a million years younger and Ted says I look younger, too. Yay!
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