Thursday, January 24, 2008

All the Suppers so Far

Here's the data from all the suppers I have logged (blogged!) here so far... in no particular order!

Steak soup with tons of veggies
spicy corn chowder
Potato-Leek Soup
Leftover Shabbos chicken soup
creamy sweet potato soup
chicken/corn soup
creamy corn soup ( Imagine) from a package (Ted thought we should try it).
tinned Campbell's veggie soup
"French" onion soup


Lasagna, using yummy roasted-tomato sauce left over from last week
homemade spaghetti w/leftover sundried tomato sauce (tinned sauce with an onion and a few sundried tomatoes thrown in, then blended)
Takeout pizza
Perogies & cheapo frozen salmon.
Pan hamburgers with mushroom sauce
TED-MADE PASTA w/tomato sauce
Takeout Tov Li falafel
stirfried chicken with a TON of veggies
Red-pepper quiche
steamed turbot
leftover s/s chicken meatballs from Shabbos
impromptu "casserole" - ww bowties with creamy sauce made of the rest of the cottage cheese (not much), cream cheese (not much), spicy braided mozzarella (yum!), evaporated milk (lots), garlic (lots), salt and pepper
Shepherd's pie
Ted fried Lazer Yitzchok sausages (amazing!)
Matzah Brei, the supper of last recourse
Pasta with roasted-tomato sauce
Steak on the barbecue


mashed potatoes,
stir-fried multicolour peppers
crusty baguette bread
vermicelli rice - nowhere to be found anymore :-(((
tinned peas
Basmati rice
Garlic bread

chocolate pasta, with the most amazing frugal almond sauce
dessert pizza

Egg Nog

Terra-chip chicken (terra chips ground in the food processor), zucchini latkes (zukes, carrots, potatoes, onion, all grated in the food processor), corn, soup (carrots and celery sliced in the food processor) (1000 kneidlach - matzah balls - made by ECH who accidentally doubled the recipe!).
Shabbos Lunch: Nothing much - bagels, cream cheese, assorted salads. ECH made peanut butter tea biscuit "salad"
"Easy Shabbos" - shake n' bake chicken, rice-a-roni, corn, spring rolls, mix brownies doctored with chocolate chips, pecans and marshmallows BUT also homemade challah and the most divine chicken soup I've tasted in a long time. Kneidlach, kreplach
Shabbos Lunch: Salmon noodle, crunchy broccoli salad, gefilte fish, pickles, sliced meats, spring rolls, cholent

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