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The book cover so evil I have been fuming for a year

What do you think – am I overthinking this?Before I tell you what this post is about, let me first say that I believe “over” thinking isn’t always a bad thing.  Given how many people in the world und… Read more

Crochet, hope, despair, and love – a tangled yarn

"With colour A, chain 166."There's so much despair in those words; so much hope.In case you’ve never crocheted, I’ll fill you in:  almost every blanket pattern starts the same way – by … Read more

Great things come in… twos! Two new books to greet 5778 from the world’s 41,526th best-loved author

I confess, it’s been a rocky time, writing-wise.  Not that I’m not writing!  Actually, I’m writing more than ever, probably more than most writers do in a lifetime.  The problem is that most of it is… Read more

Should you buy tichels and other religious headcoverings online from AliExpress?

Who knew?  Did you know??  Decent, cheap head coverings are now a reality thanks to Chinese mega-marketplace AliExpress – and a few weeks ago, I decided to get in on the action.  As an ultra-scientif… Read more

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