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Confessions of a mom who was scared to vaccinate – but did it anyway

Scared to vaccinate?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Tons of people – generally intelligent, thoughtful, loving moms, are petrified that they’re going to subject their baby to a procedure that’s going to wind up causing problems. It’s the ultimate nightmare:  you deliver your happy, healthy, kicking, sunny baby to a doctor for a needle.  After a few hours of screaming, the baby settles down, and you’re thankful that it’s over… until a few weeks later when your baby starts to CHANGE. I’ve read Jenny McCarthy’s book and tons of blogs and articles from mamas who have experienced this or something very much like it. I read so many that by the time my third child was born, I decided not to vaccinate.  I had already vaccinated the first two, but I figured it wasn’t too late.  I was doing everything differently:  warmer, fuzzier, more bonded, more attachment, more nurturing; cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing.  I was a brand-new mom.  A better mom. Oh, I didn’t say we weren’