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My reluctant conversion to cheap fake Lego

Before, I begin, I want to say that there are few people who adore Lego as much as I do.  OK, if you're one of those fans who can tell the difference between a BURP a LUMP and a POOP [glossary he… Read more

Easy, Quick, Fun Sukkah Decoration Craft for Older Kids

Looking for a sukkah craft for slightly older kids that hasn't been done to death?I totally was, because we're making GZ's birthday party in the sukkah and I wanted to do some kind of sim… Read more

The Hidden Sweetness: Dvar Torah for Rosh Hashanah

The words Rosh Hashanah never appear in the Tanach. Nor is the chag referred to except as the shofar-blowing on the first day of the seventh month. The first time we see the term Rosh Hashanah being … Read more

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