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Schizophrenia and the Narrow Bridge, thoughts for Parshas Shlach Lecha

Maybe you think this is the age of “let it all hang out,” when Google rules, your friends post their snacks on Facebook, and there are no secrets left in the world. But believe me, there are still plenty of secrets. And this bold new world may have more in common with the world of the Torah than we’d like to believe, as this week’s parsha shows us. That’s because what we share on Facebook and other social media is actually a redacted version of our true selves. We tend to forget this, and then we envy other people’s lives. If you’ve ever looked at a friend’s Facebook status and wished that was your life, you know what I’m talking about. · They’re having babies (and at my age, their kids are having babies, too!)… and I’m not. · Their kids – my kids’ age! – are getting married… and mine aren’t. · They’re getting promoted at work… and I’m still sitting here doing the same old thing. · Their children are smart, talented, celebrated… when mine kind of aren’t. · They’re celebrating

New Shavuos/Shavuot Story – FREE Download – The Humble Princess Ruth

I’ve been fiddling around for years with the idea of a “princess story” around the story of Megillas Rus.  I actually wrote one and made it available here about six years ago , but I wasn’t happy with it. This version, The Humble Princess Ruth , is a little closer to what I want to tell.  It’s shorter and I think a little more interesting.  It’s a tough story to retell.  I’ve taken some authorial license here: added some details, left out some others.  And I still don’t love the title!  If you have a better one, LET me know!!!  Why, oh, why, am I so bad at titles??? Download the story here:  LINK DELETED – SORRY, PLEASE FIND THE STORY, REVISED AND IMPROVED, OVER HERE ON AMAZON INSTEAD! Humble Princess: A story of Ruth – now available in print and Kindle! The 4shared site is a little spammy – don’t click on the BIG word “download,” but rather, on the small download button: I’d love your feedback on this story, either in the comments or directly to me at . An