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7 tricks I’ve learned to conquer my fear of doing interviews

What’s the secret to my success as a writer? (asks nobody, ever… I know, I know) Actually, I would say I’m doing okay as a writer.  I’m writing more or less full-time these days, even if it’s not a… Read more

Why I never run up to people and shout hello (a small story)

I was standing alone in the playground during recess when I spotted my grandfather all the way across at the other entrance to the park. “Zaidy!” I screamed, and started running to meet him, arms out… Read more

If this is Kislev (so soon?)… this must be the November Jewish Book Carnival!!!

Welcome, welcome!  Only 2 days late and perhaps (as I tediously always say), a couple dollars short.  My excuse?  I have none… just working.  Life on Israel time is so incredibly fast-paced.  I would… Read more

Day of Blessings: a fun new book about Jewish prayer

Why wait until kids are older to start explaining the ideas behind Jewish prayers?  I created this book to share a new approach: explaining the series of brachos (brachot = prayers) we say each morni… Read more

What does it mean when Hashem makes a promise? Thoughts for Chayei Sarah

Over the last 3 parshiyos since we first encountered the personality of Avraham Avinu, we've seen Hashem making two distinct promises to him: ארץ/eretz and זרע/zera, the land and the offspring. H… Read more

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