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Shopping for picture books for Jewish holidays? Here are 6 you’ll love.

Do you have something you’re really bad at?I do, so I’ll go first.I’m lousy at self-promotion.  Not just bad.  Lousy.  Especially in person.  I have been at people’s houses, shown them the parsha boo… Read more

Start to finish, a Rosh Hashanah (ish) Israel (ish) craft project

Spoiler alert!  If you are on our “nearest and dearest” list, please don’t scroll down to peek at the craft project revealed below.  It is currently winging its way to you in the mail.  Be patient.(U… Read more

Two things that are definitely not “us.” Thing #1.

Thing #2 is Tzfat.  A city we love, but will probably never live in.  You can read more about that over here.But it’s Thing #1 that hurts.  Thing #1 is homeschooling.It’s hard not to cry as I write t… Read more

Free-BEE! Free Kindle book on

My favourite price in the world:  free.  And my favourite thing in the world:  a kids’ book.  (Yes, one of mine.)Please Like, Share and pass along this deal.  FREE UNTIL AUGUST 14 ONLY! Learn a litt… Read more

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