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Frogs in the Bed: A Book Review (“I hate when that happens!” said Pharaoh)

I recently had a chance to interview author/illustrator Ann Koffsky for my kids’ book writing blog (come on over and read about it here !).  And today, I got a chance to read an advance review copy of her new Pesach book, Frogs in the Bed:  My Pesach Seder Activity Book . (I received it a while ago – the book is now available… I’m just slow on the uptake here.  Did I mention we just moved to a whole ‘nuther continent ???) Anyway, the book has now been read and my verdict is…  “Bubby-riffic”! What does that mean? Every year for a long time, my mother and I used to shop for Pesach food and when we were done, and all the groceries safely stashed in the car, we’d wander into the next-door bookstore to find something new and exciting for Pesach.  I’d buy a new haggadah, and she’d buy something for my kids:  a story book, activity book… whatever I suggested to her that they might like as a (readable, not eatable) treat. And this, I’m happy to report, is a really likeable, readable book