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New Older-Kid Parsha Workbooks: Yisro & Mishpatim

For more information about these, please click here.Meanwhile, I have uploaded the new workbook for Yisro and will do the same for Mishpatim later on today (done!).Here are samples from Yisro:And fro… Read more

Narrations That Blew Me Away: Beshalach

First Gavriel Zev’s.  We seem to have arrived at a happy place where he will dictate while I type.  At the end, I made a game of it, so when he said “Now, print it out,” I typed “Now, print it out.” … Read more

Three Reasons People Think Homeschooled Kids are Geniuses

Someone asked me today if I thought being homeschooled helped my kids get ahead, ie move beyond grade level academically.  I said no, right away, and I think she was surprised at the bluntness of my … Read more

Blog Spam – the Cream of the Crop

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New Older-Kid Parsha Workbooks: Bo & Beshalach

I have been playing with ideas for a slightly more intensive variation on the parsha copywork we’ve been doing all along and come up with a 6-page booklet that I think might work well not only for us… Read more

Presenting… the 2012 Blog Posts Word Cloud

So there you are.  In case you’re new here, that’s what this blog’s all about!  (courtesy of WorditOut)Oooh – here’s the Wordle version, for comparison:What are YOU all about these days??? Read more

Where have I been, you ask??? And what are we reading?

Well, not taking a holiday; that’s for sure!  We’ve been reading up a storm… here’s a selection of our current read-alouds…We’re also slowly making our way through our “Winter Reading List,” based on… Read more

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