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Short Parsha Riddles: Chukas / חֻקַּת

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 19:1-22:1Click for printable PDF version.Don’t forget to read my Parsha Poem and parsha overview, plus this very easy snake craft project.  Plus… copywork and parsha … Read more

Thtupid-Word Thursday: Cloths / Clothes

WRONG: “I Have my own business, Desiging hats and dog cloths.”  Um, in so many ways, wrong, even setting aside what society has forgotten:  that it is reasonably Weird for Dogs to wear stuff.Here it … Read more

Two more for Superman Sam…

Please daven for Shmuel Asher ben haRav Pesah Esther.With the photos we sent the other day, I had Ted draw a cartoon of Sam himself in superhero getup.  I think it turned out great!  Of course, Ted h… Read more

Gavriel Zev’s Alef-Bais Siyum (okay, party)

Once again, we’re planning an Alef-Bais Siyum – just an excuse to plan a party, really, and what better time to do it than right at the end of the school year as friends and family are sort of drift… Read more

Shiva Asar b’Tammuz, Tisha b’Av and the Three Weeks – for kids

This is an overview of shiva asar b’Tammuz, Tisha b’Av and the Three Weeks which I wrote many, many years ago for my old Geocities website (I’m dating myself here… does anyone still remember Geocitie… Read more

What’s the deal with Midrash?

How should we teach midrash as Jewish parents and educators??? Someone posted a great question in the comments section of this post.  Perhaps she had noticed that in the parsha overviews, I generall… Read more

New Bilam and Balak Printable PDF Book

Well, not exactly new – but just in time for next week’s parsha, Balak!  This is just about the same story as last year (and every year, because the Torah hasn’t changed much… ;-)).  But I have splur… Read more

Win a FREE copy of Morah, Morah, Teach Me Torah – plus an author interview!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!  The winner is Elissa/Elisa.  Please contact me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com within 3 days (before Tuesday, July 10th) with your mailing information.  In the event tha… Read more

Chukas Parsha Summary: “Okay, whatever you say!”

This is a basic overview of the parsha story in a format that can be adapted for a wide range of ages. Sources include parsha text, commentaries and midrash.  When introducing midrash or other non-ps… Read more

On Sam’s Superhero Team!

You-all know that Naomi Rivka is much more of a princess kind of gal, but she has happily (kind of) donned Gavriel Zev’s Superman pyjama shirt (the bottoms were lost years ago) to pose for pictures w… Read more

First Parsha Copywork

This has been an exciting couple of weeks of firsts for Gavriel Zev.  Little things, not anything anyone would notice unless they are with him every day and notice he is changing and growing (inside)… Read more

I am here from the future…

…and I come bearing ground pecans!Before Shabbos (on Friday, June 22nd), Ted rummaged around in the freezer and found his trusty baggie of ground pecans for baking Shabbos honey-mustard salmon… and t… Read more

Summertime Gnocchi Pesto for Shabbos Lunch! (with Gnocchi recipe)

Mmm… this was great; truly classic light Shabbos lunch fare.  Another delicious new favourite from the Kosher by Design Teens & 20-Somethings cookbook… (that’s a link to BUY the cookbook, but you… Read more

Short Parsha Riddles: Korach / קֹרַח

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 16:1-18:32 Click for printable PDF version.Don’t forget to read my Parsha Poem and parsha overview, plus this cool sprouting branch craft project.  Plus… copywork and… Read more

Easy Parsha Craft for Korach

We seem to be having an on-top-of-things week around here for a change.  (um, ignore the fact that the kids in the pictures below are wearing pj’s please…!)Since I have already read them the parsha o… Read more

Working through the heat!

Despite the temperatures and humidity today, the show goes on through the summer, mostly, with liberal breaks for camp, cottage, playdates, etc.  Here’s Naomi grinning over her Hebrew book.  That’s b… Read more

Aleph-Bet Stix Interview and free GIVEAWAY!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!  The winner is Yael.  Yael, please contact me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com within 3 days (before Wednesday, July 4th) with your mailing information.  In the event that… Read more

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While we’re on the subject of Korach…

This is perhaps the first in a series of simplified parsha copywork for even younger kids.  Here, the parent reads the passuk with the child, who copies three words from the parsha.  There’s also a … Read more

Korach / קֹרַח Overview: Follow the Leader!

Bnei Yisrael have been complaining all the way through the Midbar! But now, a large group, led by one man, Korach, brought the ultimate complaint: they thought Moshe and Aharon shouldn’t be the leade… Read more

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