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Garden updates - at last!

Well, actually, I'm going to leave out the words and let the pictures do the talking... dare I be optimistic that our garden doesn't look totally poopish (yet?) this year??? But we met our friendly neighbourhood raccoon pest last night, out marking his territory in our back yard and the neighbour's... looks like he's a vicious one (ok, the raccoon, NOT the neighbour). So now I'm scared that he's going to dig up my lettuces and go after the strawberries, etc. The neighbour says the two things they hate are ammonia and human urine. We have ammonia; we have urine... this can be arranged. Anyway, a picture says a thousand words, so here are 30 pictures:


How could you ever live in a house if somebody died building it? Or, like in the World According to Garp, would you consider it "pre-accidented" and therefore, extra-safe?


How could you ever live in a house if somebody died building it? Or, like in The World According to Garp, would you consider it "pre-accidented" and therefore extra-safe?


A guy fell off the roof at the construction zone across the street. I heard a godawful crash-bump-bump and some shouting, and came outside to see him lying in front of the new house with a huge sheet of plywood roof on top of him. No idea if he survived. In this picture, he's in the ambulance. Is it a bad sign if the ambulance doesn't take off right away? He was moving when he was lying on the ground. Can't think about much else today.

Hey, it worked!

On to some serious business, like sitting in MY bed, reading MY book, then going to MY sleeptime!  For some reason, both littles fell asleep straight away - IN THE SAME ROOM.  I like this a lot!   <3 J

Naomi Rivka Teaches Sign Language

Tried  to embed this video directly into this blog post but YouTube wasn't cooperating.  Anyway, here it is!   So I was listening to a radio pediatrician the other day and he basically said signing with babies was useless.  I dunno.  Well, what he said was to think carefully about WHY you're doing it, which has always been the advice I'd have said if anyone asked.  I never believed it could make a baby more intelligent, but I do believe it potentially gives them another route to communicate during the frustrating second year of life when spoken language STILL doesn't come easily.  Anyway, it's so cute watching Naomi dredging signs up from the depth of her memory.  Today she was waving two fingers around basically at random.  She said it meant "APPLESAUCE", but to me it looked more like "UNCLE", so I told her she was saying "UNCLESAUCE".  She got a big kick out of that one...   <3 J

Ah, here it is...

The amazing OBall! OK, why is the picture not showing here? Grr...

Oh, yeah...

Did I mention we got a new camera?  ;-) YAY! Once again, it never rains but it pours - and that's all I'll say about that.   Listening to a lot of Dennis Prager these days!  I was complaining to a guest over Pesach that he didn't have any downloadable audio on his site... and he said, "what are you talking about?"  So apparently, there's a new site, , that has all his recent shows, hour by hour, downloadable as MP3's!  Then, when Ted's brother Richard was in over the weekend, he mentioned that Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe shows are also available for download from CBC Radio.  Needless to say, there's lots of good listening going on around here now - almost too much!   After seeing the Amazing OBall a few different places around town, I finally broke down while we were at the Science Centre and bought one... $8 for a baby toy - urgh.  Guess I'm just a sucker for a "pthalate-free" label.  (I mostl

In a hurry!

Shabbos food: ~Shake n' Bake chicken (yay!) ~ Frozen Lenchner's and Montreal challah ~Corn ~Beans ~Umm... starch??? Lunch is dairy, Ted will be out at the wedding & I invited my mother. ~ Easy easy salmon, with mayo & ketchup (and green garlic cut up on the salmon) Good Shabbos! <3 J

Rainy-day thought...

Just had the astonishing thought of how ironic it was that we're getting nonstop rain now after weeks of waiting for rain.  The startlingly original thought that went through my mind was, "funny how it doesn't rain, then it rains a lot."  Then, I realized that's already an expression - kind of.  I must be SO sleep-deprived.  :-)))   SUPPER:  Superstore chicken, roasted carrots & tin tatoes   <3 J