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Dear Diversity: Are Jews allowed?

Dear Diversity: I’m mad at you and I’m mad at me. I’m mad at you because you’ve slammed the door in my face. On my face: my white, white face. Because Europe was so kind to my people, right? You say privilege like it means something. But believe me, the only gift Europe ever gave us was our lovely pale skin. But for you, diversity, that seems to be enough, because that’s all you see when you look at me. But wait, there’s more, because somehow, you’ve decided that not only are me and my people

The roundness of a zero at the end -- a big birthday looms

I’ve been thinking about zeroes quite a bit lately… mostly because my upcoming birthday has one at the end of it.  If you think about it, it’s strange, how much fuss we make over birthdays that end in 0.  So arbitrary.  Hashem made us with 10 fingers so we figure the world revolves around that number somehow.  If my 11-fingered kid ran the world