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Moments of regret: Small, medium, large

Maybe regret isn't the right word.  But I’ll use it here anyway.
Because here in this dark, dark, cold time of year, I'm finding myself deluged with it -- three moments of regret, large and s… Read more

Introducing… the parsha book you never knew you needed: The Rhyming Torah

You know how we're supposed to be modest and not go shouting our accomplishments from the rooftops?Well, sometimes, I'm a little too modest.  And then I need a talking-to from my miniature So… Read more

Carless whispers: Leaving the family car, and the Mom on Wheels, behind

It's been five years since we gave up the family car.
Sometimes I don't think about that huge change, because it came at a time of so many other huge changes in our lives.  But I realized tod… Read more

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