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Ten new airplane travel gadgets for 2017, because you deserve to fly in comfort!

Are you a frequent flier?  If you’re like me, you probably said you aren’t.But don’t you deserve to be comfy anyway???I’ve never thought of myself as a frequent flier.  Given that I’ve travelled exac… Read more

Sharing timeless Jewish messages through… silly animal stories???

Are your kids bored with typical Jewish children’s books??I know mine were!That’s actually one of the main reasons I started writing books for Jewish kids.  I was sick of stories that simply repeat t… Read more

What’s up with all the BOOTHS?

(from the archives, a very basic introductory article about Sukkos that I hope you’ll enjoy and/or pass on to anyone else who might…)If you live near a Jewish neighbourhood, drive through it one of t… Read more

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