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Extra fridge magnets? Turn them into free magnetic shopping lists!

Do you have a few extra fridge magnets lying around the house?  Here's a fun way to upcycle them! One of the fun things about living in Israel is having a magnetic front door.  Most front doors are metal, unlike back in Canada, where they were made of wood.  And because everyone's front doors are metal, it's very common for businesses to advertise by leaving information stuck to your door with a "fridge" magnet. So far, we’ve been mostly throwing these out.  They're not powerful enough to hold up much, and I don't want them cluttering up our lives or getting us confused with the magnets we keep from the business we like and use (the guy who fixed our washing machine; the book store we like in Tel Aviv; the Chinese restaurant I went to in Beersheva). But now I have an upcycling solution that's very quick and easy and kills two birds with one stone:  what to do with all those magnets, and what to do with clean white paper that's printed on one sid