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Am I back to blogging? Where have I been? What have I been up to? A short friendly post about nothing at all, really.

I’ve been posting more lately, here and at my other blogs.  But the short answer about whether I’m really back is… not officially.We’re standing right on the cusp of the 2-year anniversary of when I … Read more

Why I teach my kids about modesty (and maybe you should, too)

What are your standards of modesty when it comes to clothing? Do your kids know what these are?As a religious Jew, I dress in a certain way. To sum it up briefly: I wear long sleeves, long skirts, an… Read more

Clues to the Infinite: A dvar Torah for the 3rd Yahrzeit of my brother Eli

It has been three years.  What is there left to speak about for the yahrzeit of a person like my brother Eli? There is the fact that almost all of us know somebody with a mental illness; that Judaism… Read more

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