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Teach kids Hebrew with the hottest viral song from Israel (Don’t worry, it’s totally appropriate!)

The biggest musical sensation here in Israel this winter / spring is a small and strange song called “Geshem, Geshem,” written by Jihan Jaber, an Israeli Arab Hebrew teacher who wanted to give her st… Read more

Dr. David Dao and United Airlines: what the REAL story is actually about

Dr. David Dao and United Airlines: Why is nobody talking about what the story is REALLY about?Yes, that David Dao.Maybe by the time this posts, the hysteria will be over.  But I am hoping there’s sti… Read more

Filling her shoes: Standing strong when we’re not free

Today, the last day of Pesach, we read about kriyas yam suf, which mostly comes from Parshas Beshalach. In this parsha, bnei Yisrael are running away from the Mitzrim. (Hashem could have brought them… Read more

Anti-vaccination forces in the Torah world – “weighing the science” or stumbling block?

What does halacha say about vaccination?  Do people who oppose vaccination have a right (halachically) to share their views?This thing keeps rearing its head.  The other day, a Facebook friend insist… Read more

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