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Extreme Emunah, Extreme Chessed: Thoughts on Chayei Sarah 5777

We learned in parshas Noach a few weeks ago that one of the condemnations of Noach comes about because he doesn’t leave the Teiva after the flood. He sits there, plays around with sending birds, it’s… Read more

Why are Jewish children's books so bad?

I shared this post last week on Facebook asking why so many Jewish kids' books are so awful.  Lots and lots and lots of people clicked Like.  Some even shared it.  But very few people actually an… Read more

Why Tablet Magazine has it all wrong. :-(

Dear Tablet Magazine,I read an article on your site today.  It’s not a common thing, I don’t stop by every day, but as with so much of the great content on your site, I liked the article.  Indeed, I … Read more

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