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Trembling with Gratitude: a Sentimental Yarn

There’s a feeling when you’re crocheting and your yarn gets tangled.  Even if you don’t crochet, you’ve probably felt something like this.  A moment when everything mounts into impossibility and you want to scream and give up. I’m sure you’ve felt something like that. It’s a feeling of frustration.  You just want to stash the entire project.  It’s a feeling of disgust.  You never want to look at it again.  It’s a feeling of pointlessness.  Snipping the yarn would be both so easy and so wrong. But more than that, it’s a feeling that you’re all alone in the world. It’s your ball of yarn.  It’s your crochet project.  And it’s your snarl. Ultimately, nobody cares if you untangle it or not.  How depressing is that? If I stashed the project – no-one would know. If I threw it away – I doubt anyone would notice. If I snipped the yarn and carried on past the tangle – for sure, nobody but me would know about that. But it’s a tangle, and there’s something both depressing and important i