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Jewish Books for Kids: Less is More

Maybe I’m still a homeschooler at heart? (Are you one, too?) When I asked for feedback about the book I’m currently working on, Elephant Tisha b’Av , I got a ton of helpful comments.  Sure, some were a little LESS than helpful, like one person who didn’t think we should be observing Tisha b’Av at all:  “In my opinion it is time to stop mourning the past.”  But others gave me fantastic inspiration.  More people liked the idea but asked for more about the elephants themselves, and I realized I’d jumped right into the “sad memories” part without showing how magnificant and fun these creatures are in their own right.  Some felt the connection wasn’t clear between the elephants and the observance of Tisha b’Av, and I did my best to tighten up that link so it’s clear without being smack-on-the-forehead obvious.  I like a little subtlety. A lot of people wonder why I'm doing these animal books at all.