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What do otters have to do with Pesach? (aka Passover)

What do otters have to do with Pesach? Nothing, right? Otters have absolutely nothing to do with Pesach.  Then again, pandas have nothing to do with Purim.  And penguins… well, totally not Rosh Hashanah critters.  And my best most popular book on Amazon right now (yes, even in March) is a little story called Penguin Rosh Hashanah . It was tough thinking of a follow-up, though the first one, Panda Purim , came fairly easily.  My husband figured I should try to find a connection between the animal and the yom tov.  Okay, actually, he suggested Cow Shavuos .  I told him if he wanted to read a story about cows on Shavuos, he could write it himself.  It just didn’t interest me.  Too obvious! At last… after trying to find an animal that was cute but not cloyingly so, I came across this adorable otter.  And thus, Otter Passover was born.    The thing is, even if the title is incongruous, I wanted a story that made sense.  And I wanted to bring in genuine elements of Torah and Jewish